I am a fine art photographer and designer creating images for residential and commercial use. I enjoy creating layered artworks that invite the viewer to linger and explore.

Working with art consultants, contract designers, hospitality, healthcare and corporate art buyers, I can provide custom solutions for any commercial or residential job.

Prices listed are retail. 
For wholesale pricing please contact:

email:   info@apollofinearts.com

phone: (310) 721-6568


  • Featured at the 2014 West Coast Art & Frame Expo, Las Vegas, NV.

  • Graceful, sweeping, elegant, beautiful.

  • See our "Visual pathways To Wellness™" gallery featuring evidence-based artworks for the hospital environment.

  • Beautiful, colorful accents for any decor

  • Original Photographic Collage Series

  • Contemporary and Classical artwork for corporate spaces

  • Contemporary and classical artwork for hospitality design

  • A broad range of artwork searchable by color, style or mood.

  • A Program of Evidenace-Based Artwork developed especially for healthcare environments.

  • Photographic Collage Diptych

  • Two new photographic collages. Available to 48"

Random Media

Poppies I

  • Title: Poppies I
  • Owner: Apollo Fine Arts

National Archives, Washington DC

  • Title: National Archives, Washington DC
  • Owner: Apollo Fine Arts

Unique Works of Art and Photography Printed Using Archival Methods on High Quality Paper and Canvas

  • Title: Unique Works of Art and Photography...
  • Owner: Apollo Fine Arts

Objects 4

  • Title: Objects 4
  • Owner: Apollo Fine Arts

Green Glass

Nautilus 0472

  • Title: Nautilus 0472
  • Owner: Apollo Fine Arts

Fall Colors

  • Title: Fall Colors
  • Owner: Apollo Fine Arts

Tulips 0118

  • Title: Tulips 0118
  • Owner: Apollo Fine Arts

Yellow Gerberas 0195

  • Title: Yellow Gerberas 0195
  • Owner: Apollo Fine Arts

Soliloquy II

  • Title: Soliloquy II
  • Owner: Apollo Fine Arts


  • Title: GESTURE 4 White
  • Owner: Apollo Fine Arts

Gingko Leaves

  • Title: Gingko Leaves
  • Owner: Apollo Fine Arts

Synergy 13

  • Title: Synergy 13
  • Owner: Apollo Fine Arts


  • Title: GESTURE 1 White
  • Owner: Apollo Fine Arts

Brazilian Pepper 0493

  • Title: Brazilian Pepper 0493
  • Owner: Apollo Fine Arts